Life holds no limit


Original Oil Painting by Bryony Reed.

This painting is a part of a series of Floral work, showing the exquisite beauty of flowers, and their similarity to human life.

8 X 10 inches. Oil on linen canvas. Sold as unframed.

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This is painted using ‘Artist Grade’ Gamblin Oil Paints. Gamblin are a U.S. based Oil Paint Manufacturer, headed by Artist, Robert Gamblin. Robert restores paintings in The National Gallery, among others, showing that his oil paints are of very high quality (high enough to restore masterpieces!). All of my pictures are painted using Gamblin products.


All paintings are sold ‘unframed’ unless stated otherwise. This gives you the opportunity to choose your own unique frame which will suit not only the painting, but the room it is in also. If you would like your painting to be framed, then please contact me for more information, as I’d be more than happy to help. (This may incur additional costs).

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