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 View latest works produced in 2019. Watch this space for latest updates!

 Bryony is currently painting female nudes in a range of poses, states and environments. Often without a face, Bryony’s aim is to showcase the female form in its truest state whilst keeping the subjects identity unknown. By removing the identity of the sitter, it helps the viewer to engage and connect with the painting on a personal level, often holding up a mirror to see themselves in direct confrontation. In todays western culture, we are often striving for physical perfection, but as this is becoming more and more out of reach, these paintings hope to engage the viewer to see the world through their own eyes rather than to attempt perfect illusionism.  

 The works are not created to be beautiful, although some of these may appear to be, they are created to show the discordance between what we are born to be and societies pressure to modify this. The honest and bold brushstrokes aim to exhibit the beauty of the natural body, whilst the garish, saturated flat pattern show the battle we face to conform to todays beauty standards.The paintings should be hard to look at, as for many people, it is a mirror of what we see facing back at us. 

You can see Bryony’s Nude series at Muse Restaurant/Bar at The Cliff Hotel in Gorelston-On-Sea in Spring/Summer 2019.




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