I sometimes feel kaleidoscopic in my views or opinions, and that multitude of emotions sometimes confuse those around me” – Yes. Hit the nail on the head there.

Do you ever find yourself mindlessly reading something, and then suddenly your mind sits up and listens. Poking your subconscious into consciousness, and allowing your brain to start earning it’s buck.
Like most “me too” moments, I came across this quote whilst scrolling through one of many art bollocks articles online.
When something resonates with you to the point where you find yourself writing a blog about it, it must mean something.

This quote has put into words something which I have been struggling with, without me even knowing. At the moment, I am stood at a cross roads at where to take my art, I have many ideas/views/opinions, but which ones to choose? I have recently spent a couple of months painting trees, I still haven’t finished with this yet. But my mind is always fervently wanting more, or get another painting out of my system.

In order for me to concentrate my vision microscopicly, rather than through a kaleidoscope, maybe I need to find something which encompasses my passion and allows me to focus. Maybe I haven’t found ‘my thing‘ yet? But then I wonder if having a scattered mind is a trait of an inspired Artist? I wonder what Van Gogh would say..

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