Welcome to my very first Blog post! I’ve never written a blog before, so I am a bit unsure of how it all works, who I’m writing to, and if anybody will read it. I plan to use it as a virtual space for me to share my paintings, vent my frustrations, and celebrate my victories. I hope you enjoy hearing about my Art, just as much as I enjoy doing it.

Painting for me is not just a hobby or a bit of fun; Yes, it is fun, but it is not the reason I do it. I have painted for as long as I can remember, it was always my thing throughout school, but I was always dissuaded from it. In education today, we are told from an early age that English, Science and Maths are the most important subjects, and that we must go to University, so we can get a well paid job. Sadly, the creative subjects are neglected, and students today are not actively encouraged to make their talent, a career. I am one of these students, who was relatively successful in education, and studied for a Degree, that wasn’t my sole passion.

Painting is my sole passion. As it is, Art helped me through academia, personal successes and failures, and everything in between. It has served as a constant in my life, and has been something which I could turn to in times of stress, happiness and boredom. Painting is the reason why I am happy today, and the reason I have been able to fulfil my dream of becoming a professional painter.

When looking at a painting, people see many different ‘things’; no two eyes are the same, and no two people will see the same painting. Even when it is the same painting. Therefore, as an Artist it is important for me to produce paintings which will mean something to every pair of eyes, whether it’s happiness or sadness, despair or joy.

My aim in painting is to make people look up from their phone screens, and experience the emotion my painting brings. Sadly, for most people, we forget to look up and see the world through our eyes, and instead look at it through a screen. We miss out on chances we could of taken, beautiful places we could of seen and people we could of met. So, while browsing through my site or if you see my paintings in person, I ask you to experience the power of Art, and allow yourself to feel the roller coaster of emotions I have had whilst painting it.

Thanks for checking into my site! Bryony x

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