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Here, you can see regular updates of what I’m currently working on, information about my paintings, life in the studio and more! I hope you enjoy reading about what it’s like to work as a Contemporary Emerging Artist.

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Night Time Floral Fiesta by Bryony Reed

Wearing shoes that don’t fit

Here I find myself in this familiar place again, my studio chair to be exact. I have been sitting in this place for a long time now, staring at my pictures, not satisfied but not dissatisfied either. I am stuck in a rut, painting the same old stuff for the...

Kaleidoscopic Eyes

"I sometimes feel kaleidoscopic in my views or opinions, and that multitude of emotions sometimes confuse those around me" - Yes. Hit the nail on the head there. Do you ever find yourself mindlessly reading something, and then suddenly your mind sits up and listens....

Painters Block

Here I find myself, sat on my sofa, the TV on, and scrolling through my mac searching for something which will triggerΒ somethingΒ inside. Painters Block. It’s a silent creeper. One day you are happily painting, feeling as if nothing can stop you, the creative juices...

My first ever Blog post!

Welcome to my very first Blog post! I've never written a blog before, so I am a bit unsure of how it all works, who I'm writing to, and if anybody will read it. I plan to use it as a virtual space for me to share my paintings, vent my frustrations, and celebrate my...


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