About Bryony Reed


Bryony is a full time professional Artist, based in London and North Norfolk where she is Studio Manager and Tutor at the Norfolk Painting School (The UK’s leading specialists in oil painting).

Bryony explains “Raised and educated in North Norfolk, I have always been surrounded by beauty, which inspired my passion for painting from a very early age. I could paint before I could write. I have painted throughout education, successes and failures, and it has always served a deep rooted purpose of release. A “hobby”, a “craft”, a “bit of fun” – well known phrases for art as a child; something to grow out of, not grow with. In my early 20’s, I made the decision to end my career in Psychiatric Nursing, to become an Artist. Going against the grain, I am determined to make Art my career, to pursue something I love and live for.”

Bryony works in Gamblin oil paints, focusing on a range of subject matters.

In the past, Bryony has focused on painting seascapes, as she has a huge passion for the sea. Bryony explains” I am fascinated by its vast scale, energy and it’s potential to use it’s steely strength in destructive ways. The sea’s characteristics, emulate, in my opinion, those of a person, something which we can all relate to, in different ways. I have also spent my time, like many Artists, painting flowers, as I am inspired by their beauty in different forms, and how they have been a repeated subject for many Artists throughout history. My aim is to find out why.”

Bryony is now beginning to explore different subject matters, but continuing the theme by focusing on the beauty of life and how that can sometimes have an ugly appearance. Watch this space for new paintings …

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Light On The Waves by Bryony Reed

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