About Bryony Reed


Bryony Reed (b. 1995) is a full time professional Artist, based in London and North Norfolk where she is Studio Manager and Tutor at the Norfolk Painting School. Bryony specialises in Oil Painting whilst also experimenting with Spray Paint, Oil Pastels & Bars in her work. She has always loved to paint, and was given the opportunity to be the UK’s first Oil Painting Apprentice by Martin Kinnear, during which she was fully submerged into traditional Oil painting techniques and studio craft for over 3 years. She now is the Studio Manager at the UK’s leading Oil Painting School and personal Artist Assistant to international Artist, Martin Kinnear, whilst being a professional exhibiting Artist herself.

 Bryony has had the pleasure of working alongside other Artists on a daily basis, which has allowed her to work at Salon des Beaux Arts at the Carrousel de Louvre, Paris, and during an Artist Residency with Martin Kinnear at The Bowes Museum.

 To find out more or get in touch with Bryony about Studio Visits or exhibition opportunities, please contact: bryony@bryonyreed.com

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Light On The Waves by Bryony Reed

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